About the box

Who we are

Operating in London, Rome and Madrid, BlackBox Multimedia is an international production company designed to spearhead the contemporary global scripted content revolution. The company was founded by Guy Avshalom (former COO of Lionsgate UK) and a group of international private investors, and is led by CEO Giuliano Papadia (former Programming Director at Fox Network Groups Europe).

What we love to do

BlackBox focuses on high end scripted drama, developing and producing in more than five languages for returnable and limited event content for the global market, based on award-winning IPs with A-list talent and partners.

Our vision

Creativity: We are storytellers and, for us, stories always come first. We are always on the lookout for stories that will resonate with audiences across borders, for voices that have the capacity to translate even if you don't speak the language, and for projects that feel bold and unique whilst remaining commercially grounded.

Collaboration: No matter the size or the role, we are open to partnering up on projects. Teamwork is a strength and, in an industry where barriers are falling and scale is paramount, we think that being open to collaborations is a key component for success.

Flexibility: Our structure is lean and our team is dynamic. We are highly adaptable and will always look for projects and partnerships where we can bring an added value across territories and at different moments in the development and production process.